Who am I at my core?
What would make me truly happy?
What can I focus on to better my true self?
Am I on the right path currently?
What should my focus be the next 3 months to ensure success?
What is holding me back?
What is limiting my thoughts?
Why do attract certain people?
What boundries do I need to create?
What is blocking me from success?
How can I forgive myself?
How can I reduce my stress?
Where does my anxiety stem from?
Is there any meaning in my life?
What have I leanred from my past lives?
What lessons do I carry from my past lives?
What lesson am I learning in this life that I failed before?
Am I doing enough?
What does the next year look like for me?
What are my strengths in life?
What are my weaknesses in life?
How do I start healing past trauma?
What are my spirit guides here to help me with?