Reading Rules

While I do give personal readings, I have a few rules that I ask be followed when requesting a reading.
Readings are available for sale on my Etsy.

Click here to see an example of the PDF you will receive

All my readings will contain a PDF of the card[s] and their placements, as well as my interpretation of the reading. This interpretation may also include an oracle reading if clarity is needed. All cards will also be photographed and available to you as well.

FIRST AND FOREMOST my readings are exclusively for entertainment purposes only.
Nothing I say should be taken as any sort of medical, financial, or otherwise life advice.
This is simply for fun, take from it what you will. Thank you!

With that being said, I absolutely will NOT do readings on;

Health/illness/cures etc. (ex "Is it cancer?")
Pregnancy/Death related (ex "when will I get pregnant" "when will I die")
Legal Advice (ex "Should I sue that guy or cut his breaks?")
Invading the privacy of others that is not the querent. I can't accurately and generally won't read the energy of someone who isn't willing or knowing. (ex "Does Jimbo love me as much as Sally")

Not sure what to ask? CLICK HERE for some ideas!

When requesting a reading PLEASE include:
Your name
Your birthdate
The question you want answered

More things to note:
Turn around time for questions will be (should be...things happen) in a 24-hour time span from when you ordered/requested Except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
The cards will tell you what they tell you. I'm just the interpreter and messenger.
Again, this is all for fun, so take from it what you will. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.